Monday, September 11, 2006

Heavy rains and flooding in Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

The Roads and Traffic Authority NSW reported flooding at Victoria Road in Drummoyne, Beecroft Road in Cheltenham, The Crescent approaching Victoria Road at Rozelle and Audley Weir at the Royal National Park.

I drove through Beecroft Rd. this morning in the usual Monday morning chock-a-block traffic. I have to laugh at this "flooding"; ankle deep water is NOT flooding in my book. I remember back in Makati where we used to live in the late 80's, water would go past knee deep and my "Bollocks-wagen" Beetle had to be parked at higher ground Vito Cruz ext. lest it stall in the flood. That Onyx St. would be flooded half of the year so much so that my parents would hire a tricycle just to cross the street to our place. LMAO.

When I got to the office, I see lots of plastic buckets all over the place to collect the roof leaks. Reminds me again of our tiny two-bedroom "apartment" at Onyx St. which was always leaky.

"When the rain comes, they run and hide their head...." - John Lennon


At 5:51 pm, Anonymous Madmac said...

at least you had a buloks-wagen, i had to get dressed, put on clean and well pressed pants, white socks and shiny shoes and all for what????

so I can walk on the road knee deep in flood water. Those were the days.


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