Friday, August 03, 2012

Dear Manong Anonymouse - 7

Dear Manong Anonymouse,

For my 17th birthday may ninang from d'States make regalo to me a brand new Samsung Galaxy smart phone. I use it to make kuwento to my friends via Twitter and Facebook.

One day I make sakay the jeepney on the way to college. The jeepney was walang sakay so I made isip that I will make dating to my college quicker. I didn't realise that holdup trap pala iyon. The pangit holdupper made tutok the kutsilyo to my side and threatened to make saksak to me. So I had no choice but to bigay my brand new cell phone to the pangit holdupper. It is so kadiri!

I am so lungkot about the nawalang smart phone. My parents will make galit to me because they will say that I don't make kinig to their advice. And my boyfriend will be praning if I don't twit to him.

Please make tulong to me.

~~Tina Torno

Sagot ni Manong:

Dear Tina Torno,

I have a spare Nokia 3210 cell phone that I can make pahiram to you. It is nakaw free. One time I make sakay to the jeepney on the way to Quiapo. At around Lerma, two pangit holdupper make takot to us passengers to surrender our cell phones and valuables. When I bigay my Nokia 3210, the pangit holdupper felt awa to me so he paid for my pamasahe and gave me P5 for merienda.

Until mamaya,

~Manong Anonymouse

P.S. Please don't Taglish towards me, I'm nosebleed.

P.S.S. Please make hiram to me a tissue to make punas my nosebleed.


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